Training and consulting customized to meet your needs

Every nonprofit organization needs to reach its key audiences in order to promote its mission, achieve its intermediate goals, and document its role and value to its supporters and the broader community in which it operates.

Most organizations would like to improve their communications, but aren’t sure how to go about it, what they need, or where to begin. To help them focus their efforts and resources, Nonprofit Works recommends starting with an assessment of their current outreach goals, methods, and outcomes.

This “audit” is a comprehensive review of an organization’s existing communications, including tools and materials, internal processes, and the elements it finds most challenging. It includes an analysis of:

  • Branding — Names / acronyms, tag lines, logo, web domains, and structural relationships
  • Digital tools — Website, e-mail lists, e-newsletters, social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc), blogs, audio and video, ads, presentations, apps, and other “virtual” resources
  • Collateral materials — Printed and other tangible resources such as brochures, flyers, newsletters, reports, and walletcards or other “take-aways” / swag
  • Concepts and processes — Mission statements, intermediate goals, audience identification and targeting, messaging, media tracking, staff responsibilities and workflow
  • Outreach efforts — Story ideas and development, media relations, quotes, press releases and story pitches, graphics and data, media events / actions, and result metrics

As part of the assessment, we interview staff members involved in communications to gather additional information and materials, and discuss their skillsets, needs, and program dynamics.

After analyzing all of those things, we’re able to identify the areas to focus on and ways to move forward. We provide a concise written report on the organization’s existing communications efforts, areas that could be strengthened or broadened, and a strategy “roadmap” for improving its outreach capacities.

Communications audits generally range between $750 and $1,750, based on the size and complexity of an organization’s programs and outreach efforts. For more details on this and Nonprofit Works’ other communications services, please contact us.